Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Jim Higgins

“This production finds room for both the flashes of Wildean banter and searing argument about freedom and equality...Brhel gives us a rumpled Rumpole who grasps the dissonance between the law and what is right and follows his heart. Causey is note-perfect as Mallory, a brave and desperate man. The Causey-Brhel dialog that ends the first act is one of the most engaging scenes I’ve witnessed this theater season...Finally, I’ve never seen a performance where little glasses of sherry played such a critical part. If I had one in my hand right now, I’d toast everyone involved in this excellent production.

Shepherd Express, Jean-Gabriel Fernandez

“Thanks to excellent costumes and décor, which support even better actors, Ben Butler does a wonderful job of immersing audiences in 1861 Virginia. The whole play is a lesson in humanity, morals and history. If you never heard Benjamin Franklin Butler’s name before, you have a lot to learn from it. It certainly is a good time, both fun and educational for all.”


Lisa Schlenker


Marisa Abbott


Chris Guse


Lyndsey Kuhlmann


Maddy Yee

Stage Manager:

Judy Martel

Assistant Director:

Connor Finnegan


Drew Brhel

Marques Causey

David Sapiro

Chase Stoeger


Paul Ruffolo

Milwaukee Chamber Theatre


by Richard Strand

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