Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Mike Fischer BEST OF 2012

“Most innovative play I saw in Wisconsin this year.”

Milwaukee Magazine, Paul Kosidowski FRIDAY FIVE’S FAVORITE PERFORMANCES OF 2013

“Director Michael Cotey Blends all these elements into a stage story of frenetic energy and crystal clarity...It will confirm your suspicions that the rumors of the death of American theater are greatly exaggerated.”

Shepherd Express, Russ Bickerstaff

“Director Michael Cotey brings the cleverly written script to the stage with delightfully vivid darkness.”, Dave Begel

“A breathtaking example of professional theater at its most expressive, heartfelt, socially provocative and skilled best. It’s almost hard to believe that you fall in love with something so unusual, but fall in love you will...The job he did with this show, which demands incredible flexibility along with studied discipline, is marvelous.”

Milwaukee Theater Examiner, Jeff Grygny

“Michael Cotey skillfully integrates choreography, an original 8 bit Atari-like score, wonderful minimalist animations, delightful costumes and props, and some outstanding physical comedy.”

Youngblood Theatre


by Steve Yockey


Eric Schallhorn


Ross Zentner

Sound & Composer:

Tim Russell


Eleanor Cotey

Animations / Projections:

Tommy Simms


Joelle Worm


Dan Katula

Blood Effects:

Séan McArdle

Stage Manager:

Luke Erickson

Assistant Director:

Paul Madden


Alexandra Bonesho

David Franz

Lindsey Gagliano

Jordan Gwiazdowski

Sydney Ruf-Wong

Jessie Scibek

Jason Waszak

Andrew Voss


Ross Zentner

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