Shepherd Express, Russ Bickerstaff

“I’m kicking myself for not having seen it sooner. This is easily one of my favorites this season. The UWM production has its heart planted firmly in the right space with this production...the overall feel and flow of the mood feels right and that’s what’s important...The play hits so many visceral buttons from pleasure to revulsion to laughter to depression to anger and so of the most unexpectedly satisfying productions of the season.”

Tom Strini Writes, Tom Strini

“I fell completely in love with these young actresses [who] just threw themselves into these nutty roles with a physicality that was downright startling, especially at such close range. They could go on the road as wrestlers tomorrow and have the fans screaming for blood.”

Cementville was produced in with the theatre students at UW-Milwaukee. Lights and costumes were designed by first-time designers.

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee


by Jane Martin


Michael Cotey


Alex Grzybowski


Michael Cotey


Andrew Beyer


Angela Zylla


Bill Watson

Stage Manager:

Corin Davidson


Morgan Braithwaite

Alaina Daniels

Kiendra Honeysucker

Haley Horbinski

Britney Ison

Thorin Ketelsen

Kelly Layde

Melanie Liebetrau

Mike Loranger

Emily Mello

Zoe Schwartz

McCormick Sweeney

Christopher Westmoreland

Glenn Widdicombe


Ross Zentner

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