Shepherd Express, Russ Bickerstaff

Elephant’s Graveyard came across like a solidly-produced studio theatre show on a shoestring budget that just happened to feature an ensemble consisting entirely of kids. This was a show staged at the end of [Company Class]. Typically when looking at things critically, you take things on their own merits...But with Cotey choosing this particular drama and staging it the way he did, I didn’t really have to make those concessions.

...And though we never see the central character in the production, the presence of the elephant was felt quite distinctly, which might have been the single most impressive bit that Cotey and company managed.

...Cotey was really sharp to have chosen it. That it was also a really good show is indicative of what younger, less experienced actors can do when there’s the right atmosphere to develop natural talents.”

Elephant’s Graveyard was produced in conjunction with First Stage’s Summer Theater Academy’s Company Class - a four week blend of class and rehearsal culminating in a final, public performance.

First Stage Company Class


by George Brant


Ross Zentner


Michael Cotey

Assistant Director:

Luke Erickson


First Stage

Company Class


Ross Zentner

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