Featured in American Theatre Magazine (April 2012) - “Will Eno: Where the Dot Is”

Milwaukee Theater Examiner, Jeff Grygny

“Michael Cotey treats his script was a musical score, playing out each moment in its proper tone and tempo, so that everything seems just right, while playing delightfully with revealing details, like a dance-like comic interlude of chairs squeaking on the linoleum floor, or a fluorescent light that goes on a tantalizing flicker.”

Milwaukee Magazine, Paul Kosidowski

“What’s remarkable about Michael Cotey’s direction is how it serves all aspects of Eno’s imagination. There are spot-on realizations of Eno’s deft word play. [Cotey] pays great attention to character as well, allowing some true moments of tenderness to bloom.”

Third Coast Digest, Tom Strini

“Deft direction.”

Site specific production: Performed in the former Columbia St. Mary’s Hospital cafeteria.


Andrew Voss

Lights / Projections:

Ross Zentner


Chris Guse


Eleanor Cotey

Stage Manager:

Colin Gawronski


Greg Flattery

Joanna Kerner

Mike Loranger

Cheryl Roloff

Tess Rutkowski

Jason Waszak

Ken T. Williams

Andrew Voss


Ross Zentner


by Will Eno

Youngblood Theatre


selected work

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