Adapted by Simon Levy

Northwestern University

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s THE GREAT GATSBY

Author of So We Read On and book critic for NPR’s Fresh Air, Maureen Corrigan

“It was haunting and so smart. Your actors are extraordinary. I think Eddie’s Gatsby, especially, is going to stay with me for a long, long time.”

Kemper Corner, Ben Kemper

“Director Michael Cotey certainly knows his Fitzgerald. His production of The Great Gatsby carries both the airy sumptuousness and grimy suppleness of Jazz age New York and can distill the hopeless quest of Jay Gatsby as narrated by his hapless chronicler Nick Carraway to the stage with panache. Scenic Designer Lauren Nichols shrinks or expands the stage with a divine disdain for physics, while lighting designer Alex Ridgers not only brings brilliance but sneaks that pesky green light into surprising places.

But it is the human element of this Gatsby that  creates the most surprises. Cotey drums up his ensemble to create hydroplanes and swimming-pools and the fabled car made up of a quintet of marigold-clad flappers.”

Listen to original music from GATSBY below, written and recorded by Kevin O’Donnell


Lauren Nichols


Alexander Ridgers


Grover Hollway


Sanja Manakowski


Jeff Hancock

Original Music:

Kevin O’Donnell

Assistant Directors:

Maggie Monahan

Gabriella Sant’Anna

Stage Manager:

Sarah Muller


Jacob Baim

Marcellus Burt

Julie Busch

Tatiana Dalton

Neal Davidson

Madison Fiedler

Marielle Issa

Cary Jones

Alexandra Kramer

Noah LaPook

Dan Leahy

Grant Lewis

Sarah Ohlson

Chris Paul

Leah Platt

Alex Quinones

Mimi Reininga

Eddie Sánchez

Sinclair Willman


Justin Barbin

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