Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Mike Fischer

“One of the many reasons I go to the theater is to escape such conversations, which are frequently slathered in cliché when they’re not conducted in guttural utterances. But as MacLeod’s smartly written, warm and funny play makes clear, such stereotyping isn’t fair to men, and it certainly isn’t fair to this moving and entertaining production, which marks the talented Michael Cotey’s Chamber directorial debut and features winning performances from actors Dan Katula and Ryan Schabach.”, Dave Begel

“Comedy depends, in a large measure, on timing. And Katula, under the wonderful direction of Michael Cotey, is a master...There must be a word here for Cotey, who has joined the ranks of the hot young directors in Milwaukee. He’s a wonderful actor, but I think his true calling rests in the director’s chair. He has a sensibility of events and a grasp for storytelling that usually takes much longer to develop. He has guided a play that has a million laughs and a couple of choke-up moments. Just the way a play like this ought to be.”

Shepherd Express, Russ Bickerstaff

“Director Michael Cotey and company have done their work because there’s nothing more formal than pretending to be casual onstage and usually we as an audience are doing a lot of work to making a staged conversation come across as being casual. Thanks to Cotey, Schabach and Katula, we as an audience don’t need to do a whole lot of work to complete the illusion...This is a really, really charming production.”

Milwaukee Magazine, Paul Kosidowski

“Director Michael Cotey gets inside the dynamic with his fine staging, which goes far beyond Bill’s Felix Unger obsession of order. Steve Barnes’ set seems vast for a two-person play, particularly in Act One, when there’s no furniture in sight, but it allows Cotey to map the characters’ evolving friendship.”





Steve Barnes


Ross Zentner


Phil Wooding


Eleanor Cotey

Stage Manager:

Judy Martel


Dan Katula

Ryan Schabach


Mark Frohna

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