A Follow Spot, Julie Kistler

“Director Michael Cotey gives his young cast -- three sophomores, a junior and two seniors in Illinois Wesleyan’s School of Theatre Arts -- the tools to home in on the story, to communicate the complicated theories of wealth and governance by focusing on the characters and their conflict instead. Treasure is staged in the round inside the Kirkpatrick Lab Theatre, a tricky proposition in any space, but here it serves to keep the action right in front of you.”

Treasure was produced in with the theatre students at Illinois Wesleyan University. Set, lights and costumes were designed by first-time designers under the supervision of faculty advisors.


Sydney Achler


Laura Gisondi


Michael Cotey


Kelsey VonderHarr

Assistant Director:

Hannah Dhue

Stage Manager:

Audra Kuchling


Elizabeth Albers

Steve Czajkowski

Nick Giambrone

Elliott Plowman

Anna Sciaccotta

Zachery Wagner


by Tim Slover

Illinois Wesleyan University


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